Audition Technique Workshops

The Actors Door Studio runs comprehensive Audition Technique Workshops in London at various times throughout the year.

The audition workshop is designed to strengthen actors’ skills in what is arguably the most stressful aspect of pursuing a professional career in acting; auditioning.

Aside from it being stressful, auditioning can also be very demoralising. The sheer numbers of people applying for a small number of available jobs in the industry is enough to dishearten new and upcoming performance professionals. This impacts on the ability to audition well immensely.

And yet success in auditioning remains the most important factor in progression and career development.

Due to the fact that so much can rest on the outcome of a single audition or casting, so much can go wrong. Most of the time it is external factors like stress, anxiety and lack of preparedness that get in your way of a powerful casting. It is important to learn how to control as many external factors as you possibly can so that during the casting, all that remains is your acting ability.

We developed the workshops to:

Train actors to take control of external factors that impinge on their performance
In addition, the workshops teach students a set of skills and techniques that they can use to give memorable and powerful presentations every time
Learning these skills is just like learning any other set of techniques and involves practice and application. So our workshops are very hands on. And they get you in front of the camera!

The audition technique workshop runs over 6 hours 10:30am-5:00 usually on Sundays or weekdays. There is a half hour lunch break. During the course of the day, we will:

  1. Train you how to prepare for auditions
  2. Teach you relaxation techniques
  3. Help you master the cold read
  4. Teach you how to stand out
  5. Train you how to use posture, physicality and action for success
  6. Train you how to interact with the camera

The course is open to all, not just students of the Actors Door Studio.

Visit our Workshops section for details of our upcoming workshop.