Drop in Acting Classes London: Beginners

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Meisner Drop in Acting Classes London: Beginners


1 x 2.5hr class


SATURDAY 2:00-4:30PM

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The Actors Door Studio offers weekly drop in acting classes in Meisner Technique for beginner actors.

The classes are suitable for actors who are interested in the technique but cannot or are unable to commit to the course currently.

If you have briefly trained in the Meisner Technique somewhere else, you are welcome to join.

Meisner Drop in classes are a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and discover your emotional truth.

Each class you will have the opportunity to work through exercises designed to progressively get you out of your comfort zone. You will learn practical acting skills that you can begin to apply almost immediately in your acting – as well as your everyday – life.

The classes will be fun, at times exhilarating and at times even deeply affecting.

All welcome, you don’t need to have any acting previous experience. In fact the less experience the better!

PLEASE NOTE these are open classes and will comprise of students at different levels. If you are interested in working with a group of dedicated actors at your level, you may wish to join Meisner Course which is the core training program, offered at the Actors Door Studio.

If you are an absolute beginner, you are welcome to join!  If you would like to train with other students just starting out in a consistent and committed way, the Foundations Course may be the best option for you.



The classes are for those who are interested in training in the Meisner Technique.

They are also ideal for students still in the process of deciding to join the core Meisner training program offered at the Actors Door Studio.

If you are a Meisner beginner, drop in classes can prepare you for the course and teach you the foundational skills required for you to progress in the course.

Through the cornerstone exercise of Meisner repetition you will learn how to connect with the other actor – a skill necessary for giving powerful performances on screen and stage.

You will also begin to delve into your own emotional experience and use your imagination to create the improvised exercises that are the hallmark of the Meisner Technique. 

Aside from the practical hands on skills you will learn as you progress, the classes are also a unique opportunity for you to meet and work with like-minded actors. You will also get the chance to join the vibrant, ever growing, but select community of actors attending the Actors Door Studio.

The relationships you build during the classes will stay with you well after the course is finished.



The Meisner Technique is full method acting training program designed for people who want to pursue acting professionally. In each acting class you will be challenged; progressively invited to venture outside of your comfort zone. You need to allow yourself to embrace the technique with an open mind and open heart. If you do, the technique has the power to really transform you not only as an actor, but also as an individual.

Find out about what you can expect from acting classes at the Actor’s Door Studio.



Meisner classes at the Actors Door Studio are unique. They are designed to progressively take you out of your comfort zone at a pace you are comfortable with and in line with your individual strengths and weaknesses. The Actors Door Studio is different; Meisner Technique is the only acting method we teach and comprises the core of our actor training program. We do not offer classes in alternative acting methods simply because we have found they are not as effective as the Meisner Technique in eliciting truthful, powerful performances on stage and on screen. We are Meisner specialists who teach the ‘modern’ version, the most recent version, of the acting technique.

Our other point of difference is our insistence on quality as opposed to quantity. We purposely keep class numbers small so students can take maximum benefit from the teacher’s specialist instruction.

If you graduate from the Actors Door Studio, you will be part of a select number of actors to do so.



  • Gained an appreciation of the Meisner Technique as a ‘method’ approach to acting.
  • Learnt to connect with their instinctive & emotional self.
  • Learnt how to connect with the ‘other actor’ effectively.
  • Completed exercises that teach key Meisner skills.
  • Become part of our vibrant community of actors