Meisner Technique Course: Acting Technique II

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You are booking 1 Term comprising:

2 x 2.5 hour weekly classes

1 x repetition class

NEXT TERM: September 2nd – October 27th 2019

MONDAY 7:00-9:30 PM &
THURSDAY 7:00-9:30 PM
REP CLASSES: (email your preference to your teacher)
MONDAY 5:30-7:00 PM
THURSDAY 5:30-7:00 PM
If you are enrolling in the Stages 1, 2 & 3 of the Course, you are entitled to a discount on selected ADS courses.

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Students who successfully completed and passed Acting Technique I of the Meisner Acting Course at the Actors Door Studio, can join the second stage, Acting Technique II (ATII).

Acting Technique II is a 24 week (approx. 6 month) course, taught over 3 terms.  You can book and pay for the course in 3 instalments, on a term by term basis.

The focus of the second stage, is relationships.

“Relationships work, is key to developing three dimensional characters and to giving powerful, believable performances.”

Each week you will progressively learn how to develop compelling and truthful relationships so that the characters you play are as ‘real’ on stage and screen, as you are in your everyday life.

During this stage, you will also learn how to apply skills in relationship development to scene work and monologues.

Along with 2 x weekly Meisner classes, you will also attend one of the repetition classes to fine tune your rep skills, essential for all aspects of your work.

Preparation time outside of class is essential.

To progress to the next stage, Advanced Acting Technique, students need to successfully complete the core modules that are taught over ATII. In addition, you will attend an interview with staff to determine your eligibility for admission into the final stage of the course.



To join ATII you need to have successfully completed Acting Technique I at the Actors Door Studio. If you have completed Meisner training elsewhere that you think is equivalent and you think ATII is the appropriate level for you, please contact the studio to discuss if you have adequate knowledge, skills and experience to join this stage.



As you successfully complete ATII, you will have:

  • Gained deeper insight into your own relationships.
  • Learnt techniques to develop relationships for screen and stage.
  • Applied key relationship development techniques to scene work & monologues.
  • Gained an understanding of ‘as ifs’ as a means to personalise context and text.
  • Developed skills in emotional prep to power & fuel performance.
  • Learnt how to give your characters a past and future so that they appear ‘real’ on stage & screen. 
  • Satisfied partial requirements for admission to Advanced Acting Technique.


Additional information

Max students



3 Terms, 24 weeks
You are booking for 1 Term

Weekly schedule

2 x 2,5 hour classes
1 x repetition class

TERM 1, 2019

September 3rd – October 20th 2018

TERM 2, 2019

October 29th – December 20th 2018

TERM 3, 2019

January 7th – March 9th 2019

TERM 4, 2019

March 17th – May 25th 2019

TERM 5, 2019

June 3rd – August 3rd 2019