Meisner Technique Repetition Class



Repetition Classes resume first week in September 2019

1 x 1hr Class


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Supervised Meisner Repetition class for Drop in class, Foundations & Beginners level students of the Actors Door Studio.

Note: these classes are only open to students currently taking the Foundations course and Acting Technique I. You may also take these classes if you are taking regular drop in Meisner Technique classes at the Actors Door Studio.

The class is an intense 1hr session in the repetition exercise.

Meisner developed the repetition exercise ‘to do away with words’.

For Meisner, the repetition was critical in enabling actors to communicate non-verbally, and in line with their instincts.

The class is recommended for all students attending Foundations classes at the Actors Door Studio. It is also advised for all students currently enrolled in Acting Technique 1, to take additional repetition classes.

If you are currently enrolled in Foundations or AT1 courses at the Actors Door Studio, we recommend that you take Repetition classes in order to strengthen your Meisner communication skills.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in the class, please book it ASAP, do not leave it to the last minute. A minimum of 4 students is required for these classes to run, so if the numbers are achieved in time, the class will be cancelled.



  • Strengthen your Meisner communication skills.
  • Break down defence mechanisms currently blocking your emotional instrument.
  • Get in touch with your emotional instrument.
  • Connect with the other actor on stage.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Take the attention off your self.
  • Learn vital skills necessary for your exercises and your scene acting.