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Am I eligible to join the Meisner Course if I have never acted before?

Am I eligible to join the Meisner Course if I have never acted before?

What level should I start at if I do have acting experience?

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of the Meisner Technique you will have to start at the Foundation level. Any experienced gained using alternative acting techniques can be helpful, but the Meisner Technique comprises a very specific set of skills and techniques. Without these tools you will not be able to progress through the core stages of our training program. You will be taught these abilities as you progress through the five stages of your training. This consists of: Foundation, Acting Technique I, Acting Technique II, Advanced Acting Technique and the Showcase Course. No matter how experienced an actor you are, you need to start at the beginning if you haven’t trained in Meisner previously.

I have studied the Meisner Technique at another drama school, do I still need to start at the Foundation level?

Having previous experience and an understanding of the Meisner Technique should help you to progress through the training quickly. However, because there is no regulated standard of teaching the Meisner Technique, and unfortunately incorrect practices and methods are sometimes taught to students. This can mean courses described as Meisner are in fact not. Upon starting the course we will see how you perform, which will help us quickly understand how advanced in the technique you may be. Anyone who has received the correct training will be able to rapidly progress to the next stage and so as a result, may not need to complete Foundations at ADS prior to enrolling in Acting Technique I. Please contact us if you fit into this group, we will be able to help you further with you enquiry

Can I join the course mid-term?

Yes, our Meisner programme is a rolling course which enables you to join our drama school at any point during the year. Contact us to discuss part block payments based on when you wish to begin training.

How many classes should I take?

Those who are joining the Meisner Course for professional or performance career reasons are required to attend 2 x 2.5hr sessions every week, along with an additional repetition class. Any students who are hoping to fast track their training are encouraged to take 3-4 classes per week. If you wish to take more than 4 weekly lessons we would advise against this as it may hinder your development. This is because Meisner classes can be intense and you will need to take some time to reflect and practice your skills outside of the class environment. Finding a space to hone your technique will provide more tangible results rather than taking more classes.

Do I need to audition for the Meisner Technique Course?

No, you will not be required to audition or pass any entry requirements to join the Meisner Course other than completing Foundations.

Do I have to be a student at ADS in order to take any masterclasses or workshops you offer?

No. There is absolutely no requirement for you to be a student at ADS in order to take advantage of the workshops or masterclasses we have on offer.

If I am attending the course should I take any of the workshops?

This is entirely up to you. If you feel additional masterclasses or workshops would benefit your training, you are free to sign up for them.

I am under 18, can I take your classes or courses?

The Meisner Technique classes are only available for adults, which means anyone aged 18 or over. However, if you are aged 16-18, you may be able to attend our Courses. In this scenario you will need a parent or guardian to sign our enrolment form granting you authority to attend.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via Paypal, Credit/Debit Card (processed through Paypal) and bank transfers.

Do you accept cash?

Unfortunately as we unable to process cash payments.

How do I book a place on one of the courses?

Please visit the Book Now section of the website to book your first course.


Is there private coaching available?

Studio Director Fay Beck is available for private coaching.

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